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Lipton Ice Tea


Lipton Ice Tea is great tasting and good for you because it is rich in protective antioxidants.

This is the perfect drink for your active, healthy lifestyle.

It’s available in CAN 320ml and plastic  bottles so you can take it anywhere!

You can Enjoy Lipton Ice in many Flavors

1.Lipton Ice Tea Lemon.

2.Lipton Ice Tea Peach.

3.Lipton Ice Tea RedFruit.

4.Lipton Ice Tea Green.

5.Lipton Ice Tea Honey and Lemon.

6.Lipton Ice Tea Mixed Berry.

7.Lipton Ice Tea Mint and Lemon.

8. Lipton Ice Tea Mixed Berry.

9.Lipton Ice Tea Pear and Peach.

10.Lipton Ice Tea Exotic Fruit.