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Quality and Food Safety Policy

Quality and Food Safety Policy

We at United Beverage Company aim to achieve the highest possible level of quality healthy drinks, Juice & water to our Customers, conduct our business with a total commitment to our customers and their requirements, and seek to maintain our leadership position in our chosen markets. We set, implement, and maintain high standards of personal and operational hygiene to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our Customers and staff alike.

We are committed to purchasing only safe, sound, and wholesome raw and packaging material and to establishing systems and procedures for controlling the receipt, storage, preparation, processing and packaging of our final product.

We will provide all necessary resources including adequate facilities, calibrated equipment, maintained lines, external analysis and trained staff to ensure that our operations are performed in a hygienic condition at all times and that the product that we supply will always be safe and in good condition.

Our Quality & Food Safety objectives are to:

1. Provide safe drinks, Juice & water to our customers that meet their specifications & requirements and deliver it on time.

2. Reach zero complaints from safety issues.

3. Achieve and sustain a valid, effective Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005.

4. Decrease non-conforming products to 1% of total production.

5. Automate our production & inventories processes and computerize their procedures where possible.

6. To achieve total compliance with National & International legislation

7. Maintain our Food Safety Management System processes and stimulated towards further improvement.

We call for ongoing involvement and total commitment of all management, employees, and suppliers to seek and achieve continuous improvement in everything we do.